Dog Food Analysis Guide

There has been so much bad press over the dog food sold in shops and supermarkets in recent years that it is scary to think about what damage it can be doing. And of course then you have the experts weighing in with their opinions too, but the majority of them usually conflict, and that confuses you over the dog food issue even more!

Do not panic though! Below you will find a dog food analysis guide that will help you sort the best from the worst of the commercial dog food on the supermarket shelves!

1. Never buy anything that is not labeled with at least 95% of the ingredients in it! Believe it or not, a beef can does not have to have more than 50% in order to be called beef! However, you should never choose dog food with less than 95% of that ingredient in. If it does conform to this then it will have it on the label. If in doubt, just leave it on the shelf!

2. Do not buy a can of dog food that has the word flavour within the title or description. Favoured dog food is never good because it does not have to contain the ingredient itself!

3. Finally, avoid buying anything with dinner, entrée, formula, platter and so on, on the label because that changes the rules of dog food completely. The percentages are negotiable in that situation and you will never know what you are getting!

If you would like to calculate a rating for any commercial pet food, then the following page could be of interest to you. The formula is based on a system that has been circulating around the internet for a while. I just made it easier to do your calculations in one place.

Click here now to visit the Commercial Dog Food Rating System